Cyberworld unlimited? Digital Inequality and New Spaces of Informal Education for Young People

International Conference, February 9th -11th  2006 / Bielefeld, Germany



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February 9th 2006

Time Program Name
Welcome and Opening Lecture
12.00 Opening

Hans-Uwe Otto,
Bielefeld (D)

Dr. Peter Fricke, Head of department of the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Berlin (D)

Dieter Timmermann,
Rector of the University of Bielefeld (D)

Uwe Sander,
Dean of the Faculty for Educational Sciences, University of Bielefeld (D)

12.45 Internet Use of young people and challenges for social participation and education Hans-Uwe Otto,
Nadia Kutscher,
Bielefeld (D)
13.30 Public Access Points and their importance for the use of the internet Herbert Kubicek,
Bremen (D)
14.15 The Continuum Continues: A broad look at barriers to internet access and use among American adolescents and adults Amanda Lenhart, Washington (USA)
15.00 Digital divide – social barriers on- and offline Caroline Haythornthwaite, Champaign/Illinois (USA)
15.45 Coffee break  
16.15 Effects of young people’s formal educational background on structures of use and appropriation Stefan Iske,
Bielefeld (D)
17.00 Characteristics of use differences and their implications for dealing with digital inequality Eszter Hargittai, Evanston/Illinois (USA)
17.45 Internet Use of Youth from a Gender Perspective Sylvia Buchen,
Freiburg (D)
18.30-19.30 Internet-Communities as a space for education Winfried Marotzki, Magdeburg (D)
20.00 Dinner  


February 10th 2006

Time Program Name
9.30 Dealing with Digital Inequality: Refocusing our Approach towards Young People, Technology and Social Exclusion Neil Selwyn,
Cardiff (UK)
10.15 Media Use of Migrant youth Heinz Bonfadelli,
Zürich (CH)
11.00 Coffee break  
11.15 Doing gender in computer-mediated communication: The Blogosphere Susan Herring,
Lois Ann Scheidt, Bloomington/Indiana (USA)
12.00 Adolescent Media Culture - social theoretical and structural challenges for internet services on the background of unequal ways of use Andreas Hepp,
Bremen (D)
12.45 Lunch  
14.00 Presentation of Projects and Posters in the Lobby
Social and pedagogical challenges from different perspectives


Ben Bachmair, Kassel (D)

Horst Niesyto, Ludwigsburg (D)

Barbara Schwarze, Bielefeld (D)

Franz Josef Röll, Darmstadt (D)

Hans-Uwe Otto,
Nadia Kutscher
17.00 Coffee break  
17.15-18.00 Digital Culture, Media Education and the Place of Schooling David Buckingham,
London (UK)
20.00 Dinner  

February 11th 2006

Time Program Name
9.30 Have your say? Young people’s response
to the invitation to participate online
Sonia Livingstone,
London (UK)
10.15 De-Structuration and Release as Fiction Christian Stegbauer, Frankfurt/Main (D)
11.00 Social Networks and Social Relationships of Adolescents – offline and online Gustavo Mesch
(UK, Israel)
11.45 Coffee break  
12.15 ‘Voice Divide’ – Participation as Exclusive Good Alexandra Klein,
Bielefeld (D)
Challenges for Informal Education on the Internet
13.00 Implications of social inequality in internet use for educational policies and programs Lawrence Angus, Melbourne (AUS)
13.45 Break  

Panel: Perspectives for social participation and educational policies

Heidi Schelhowe, Bremen (D)

Stefan Welling, Bremen (D)

David Buckingham, London (UK)

Neil Selwyn, Cardiff (UK)

Hans-Uwe Otto,
Nadia Kutscher
15.30 End of the Conference